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Hand Painted Pendants


Hello, Tiny Paintings

It all begins with big ideas and tiny paint brushes!

Then, it's time for Art Resin.

I use a flame to pop air bubbles for a glossy shine.

Pendants are available as
Custom Keychains

Personalized Necklaces

& One-of-a-Kind Earrings

Care Instructions:

Keep Dry
Jewelry will tarnish if exposed to excessive moisture or sweat.
Use a dry lint-free cloth and gentle, circular motions to polish pendant.

Snake Chain Kinks
Pinch the chain with two fingers above and below the kink, gently pulling apart until the kink releases. It can help to smooth your fingers over the kink while pulling to better support the chain.
This method only works for snake chains, and should not be used to detangle other necklace chains.